The LEXi Coin Staking

Hey CryptoHeads,

Do I have an exciting ANNOUNCEMENT for you…

LEXIT is rolling out its LEXi Coin Staking, #StakeLEXi. Yes, you read that right … LEXIT is launching its Staking Model, creating an opportunity for long term supporters of LEXIT to increase their LEXi Coin holdings & to optimize the circulating supply for better market dynamics. And guess what? I have #SEXi details to share with you regarding ALL the benefits to the supporters who decide to participate.

Why is this exciting? This is our FIRST product roll out leading up to the NFT Platform launch later this summer AND it activates the INITIAL utility for the LEXi Coin – which will create MORE demand coming your way. We of course believe that our long term supporters should be rewarded for holding LEXi Coin.

How are we going to reward you? ..See below..

Can’t wait? I know I can’t. We plan to launch #StakeLEXi on July 21st 2021. Why is this beneficial to YOU? Without going into detail with all the exciting partnerships we will have for our SECOND product launch that will drive demand for the Coin itself, as that isn’t the focus of THIS article…

Let’s say you stake 1000 $LEXi, the effective APY yield for the moon slot would be 30.0 $LEXi and UP TO 210.0 $LEXi for the Neptune Slot. I know.. crazy right ;)

How are you going to be able to #StakeLexi?… Let me walk you through the process, we plan to make it as user friendly as possible.

It’s going to be just as simple as THAT. Our goal is to make it FLEXIBLE for our users, FULLY decentralized, where the user ALWAYS has control over his/her wallet with a high APY Yield & easy & secure to use via LEXIT Web-App.


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Until then, stay Neptuned CryptoHeads. Chat soon….

Best Regards,

The LEXIT Team

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