Hey CryptoHeads & to ALL our long-term OG Supporters… I have an exciting update for YOU.


What is Legacy Swap Day? Let me tell you… The Legacy Project back in 2018 provided an opportunity for supporters to participate in IPR on Blockchain with the release of the LXT Token.

ALTHOUGH we are currently NOT obligated to provide any SWAP for the LXT Token, we as a company & brand believe it is more than fair to provide a SWAP for the initial supporters that backed the previous Legacy Project by participating on the LXT Token offerings.

TODAYLEXIT is an ENTIRELY different Project with a NEW token, LEXi Coin, that is currently available on www.bitmart.com & www.pancakeswap.finance, that has a completely new utility & use case.

  1. Visit the ‘Legacy SWAP’ Portal at www.lexit.com
  2. Make sure ALL your Legacy LXT Tokens are in ONE single ERC20 Wallet
  3. Fill out the Request Form
  4. Upload your KYC documents (ID + Proof of Residency)
  5. Accept the Terms & Policies of www.LEXIT.com
  6. Press ‘Submit’ for your request to become whitelisted for the Legacy SWAP
  7. Wait for LEXIT to either ‘approve’ or ‘decline’ your Legacy SWAP request

It is as SIMPLE as that. When is the SWAP happening? The SWAP Portal will open on August 26th 2021 11:59pm until August 31st 2021. ALL applications MUST be submitted latest by 11:59pm UTC on August 31st.

IMPORTANT: Your LXT Tokens CAN NOT be considered for the SWAP if they are located on the www.BITMART.com exchange. Please transfer ALL your LXT Token to a wallet that is NOT located on any exchange. We recommend that you use www.myetherwallet.com or the METAMASK Wallet.

When will you receive your swapped tokens? Let me tell you… On August 31st the SWAP Portal will be CLOSED and ALL whitelisted SWAP requests will be under review. Once LEXIT has whitelisted the qualified SWAP requests, the smart contract that will distribute the SWAP of LXT to LEXi Coin will be ACTIVATED and the distribution according to the vesting schedule will commence.

The swapped LEXi Coin will have a vesting period of 3 years and will be distributed on a monthly basis and will THEN be unlocked and available for you to utilize as you wish. PLEASE NOTE, The LXT Tokens for LEXi Coins will be swapped at a ratio of 10:1. MEANING, for 10 LXT Tokens you will receive a swap of 1 LEXi Coin.

We expect activation to be completed by September 15th 2021, however, timing MAY VARY depending on the whitelisting process. So please MAKE SURE all of you follow the steps accordingly & fill out the request form as suggested.

THANK YOU to all of our long-term OG and NEW supporters. Without any of you, none of this would be possible. We are on our way to release product and exciting utility of the LEXi Coin to make all this wait WORTHWHILE.

So please join our Telegram & follow our socials below for more exciting updates & announcements to come…

Website: www.lexit.com

Twitter: @LEXITco

Telegram: https://t.me/LEXITco

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Reddit: LEXIT_NFT_Defi

Until then, stay Neptuned CryptoHeads. Chat soon….

Best Regards,

The LEXIT Team

The NFT & DeFi Liquidity Platform