Hey CryptoHeads,

Hope everyone is having a GREAT summer ;). GUESS WHAT? LEXIT is running a CONTEST for all our valued community members…

What’s the contest? Let me tell you… LEXIT is running an Ambassador Program where community members are expected to change their Display Picture to the image of our Telegram DP and add LEXIT to their name. Example: Brian || Lexit .

When is this program running? The program is a 7 Day Program starting on Thursday, September 2nd @ 8pm CET until Thursday, September 9th @ 8pm CET.

How do I ensure I am entered in the draw? LEXIT has made it EASY for you.

  1. Please click on:
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Click Submit
  4. Join our LIVE AMA on Telegram — Thursday, September 9th @ 8pm to see if you have been selected as one of the winners.

What’s the Prize? 2 lucky winners/supporters will be RANDOMLY selected and have the opportunity to win/receive 200 $LEXI Coins as a prize. The draw will be RANDOM & contenders MUST KEEP the name & DP until the day of the draw (September 9th @ 8pm CET) where they will be looked at on the LAST DAY of the contest to be considered qualified to win the prize.

Can’t wait to see all our AMBASSADORS! Chat soon & GOOD LUCK!





The NFT & DeFi Liquidity Platform

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The NFT & DeFi Liquidity Platform

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