Hey CryptoHeads,

Guess what? LEXIT is running ANOTHER contest. Yes, you heard that right. Supporters have ANOTHER CHANCE to win $LEXi Coin.

What fun contest are we running this time? Let me tell you.

LEXIT is running a MEME Contest to bring out YOUR creative side & win $LEXi Coin at the SAME time. 3 winners will be chosen based on following the steps below.


1. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/LEXITco?s=09

2. Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/lexit.co?utm_medium=copy_link

3. Join LEXIT telegram group: https://t.me/LEXITco

4. Create and post your memes on Twitter & Instagram then Tag @LEXITco and include #LEXITMeme #MemeContest #Meme on your meme post

5. Submit your work to: https://forms.gle/YtaWWzY84fEDAKKm6


How will we choose the 3 winners? Top 3 Winners will be chosen based on most innovative & creative memes.

Prize #1 = 200 $LEXi, Prize #2 = 150 $LEXi, Prize #3 = 100 $LEXi

And guess what ? It DOESN'T STOP THERE. The 3 chosen winners get the opportunity to have their MEME minted FOR FREE on the launch of LEXIT’s NFT Launchpad.

Yes you heard that right! Our 3 winners will have the opportunity to be debuted on the launch of our NFT Launchpad ;).

When is the launch? We can’t give away all our surprises just yet… But I can promise you one thing. The platform will BLOW EVERYONE AWAY.

STAY NEPTUNED … We can’t wait to look through all the applicants…

Best Regards,